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Experience the peaceful atmosphere inside the stave church

The stave church in Ekshärad, St Annas Chapell, was built in memory of the medeival pilgrim trail. This trail followed the river valley of Klarälven, through the village of Ekshärad and to St. Olof's grave at Nidaros, today Trondheim, Norway. The church was inaugurated in July 2002.

Today the church is used as an ecumenical church, holding services, morning- and evening services as well as baptisms and wedding ceremonies.

The church is constructed with upright standing timber logs, which has been hollowed out and are kept together by staves. A visual explanation of this building technique can be seen inside the church.

By the foot of the stairs at the entrance lies a sandstone rock, in which clearly can be seen the movements of the waves from the sea shore seventy- or eighty million years or so ago.

       We are celebrating Midsummer - 'lupinerna' are in position! Altaret  
According to the old customs, the congregation should be standing during the services, and the benches placed along the sides was to be used by the old or sick members only.
By the chancel, you can find the wooden altar holding a rock of uncut Kyanit - a very rare stone that was extracted in Ekshärad. According to the old ways, the sacramental vessels must never stand on a wodden surface. Behind the altar hangs what is called a Malteser cross. In the old days, there was a skin of an animal on the floor in front of the altar, which now has been replaced due to a series of thefts.
Three small windows sheds the small amount of light found in these churches, apart from the lit candles during services.
All forgning art crafts found in the church was made by the local forging craftsman Allan Sjöberg 
Dop familjen Dop Malte
        Pictures from little Malte's baptism a beautiful late summer's day.

For a guided tour, please contact the Tourist Office in Ekshärad 0563-18760 / Ami Nordqvist 0563-40707